jcmwave.daemon.wait(job_ids=None, resultbag=None, verbose=True, timeout=1000000000000000.0, break_condition='all')

Function that waits for the jobs with the given job_ids to finish (default: all jobs) and returns a list of all results and logs. Example:

job_ids = []
job_id = jcmwave.solve('project.jcmp',keys)
results, logs = jcmwave.daemon.wait(job_ids)
  • job_ids (list) – integer vector of job identifier as returned by jcmwave_solve If missing or empty all job ids available on the daemon are used. A zero job id is treated as a dummy.
  • resultbag (Resultbag) – An instance of the class jcmwave.Resultbag. The result is added to the result bag. If the corresponding jcmwave.solve() command was not called with the resultbag parameter an error will be thrown.
  • verbose (bool) – Show progress reporting. (default:True)
  • timeout (int) – Time out in seconds (optional).This script returns with empty ouput values, when the time out is reached.
  • break_condition (str) – If set to ‘any’ (‘all’) the function waits until one job (all jobs) from a list of jobs has finished. (default: ‘all’)

A tuple (results, logs)

results:List containing the computed results for each job as referenced by the job_ids vector.
logs:List containing the corresponding log messages of the jobs.

If a resultbag is passed the output is stored in the resultbag and is not returned.