jcmwave.geo(project_dir=None, keys=None, process_keys=None, working_dir=None, jcmt_pattern=None, show=None)

Starts JCMgeo for mesh generation.

  • project_dir (filepath) –

    path name of a JCMwave project directory.

    A layout.jcm file must be present in the project directory.

  • keys (dictionary) –

    parameter dictionary for embedded script input file.

    When keys is present, the embedded script file layout.jcmt is processed to generate the actual .jcm input file. (call of jcmwave.jcmt2jcm(‘layout.jcmt’, keys))

  • show (float) –

    shutdown time in seconds -> shows the created mesh in JCMview.

    Automatically closes graphic window after given shutdown time (set value to float(‘inf’) to keep window alive).

  • working_dir (directory_path) –

    path name of a working directory.

    JCMgeo copies .jcm files into working directory, runs JCMgeo therein.

  • jcmt_pattern (str) –

    pattern for selection of .jcmt files.

    layout.<pattern>.jcmt is used instead of sources.jcmt when present.