The computed tensor fields alone are often of little practical interest. Instead, one extracts relevant data in a subsequent (post-process) step after the computation. Prominent examples are field integrations over selected domains or boundaries, computations of Fourier spectra or exports to third-party formats. For more details see the parent directory which also explains how to call JCMsolve to run in the post-process mode (see here). It is only permitted to place a PostProcess section within a .jcmp file.

All admissible post-process declarations are arranged in a tree-like structure according to the input schema, see Input Schema. The subsequent nested pages mirror this input tree (c.f., How to Use the Parameter Reference).

For example, to compute the electric field energy contained in computational domain one declares:

PostProcess {
  DensityIntegration {
    FieldBagPath = "project_results/fieldbag.jcm"
    OutputFileName = "project_results/electric_energy.jcm"
    OutputQuantity = "ElectricFieldEnergy"

Section ./DensityIntegration contains the complete documentation to this post-process.

For many post-processes, the output is a JCM table file. This is a proprietary file format either in ASCII or binary form. For accessing the data in a JCM table file use the provided scripts to load the table into your favorite scripting language. The loaded data will also give access to meta information attached to the table.