Type:0-Tensor, or section
Range:[v_1, …, v_1]

Set the specific heat c, also called specific heat capacity. Units are Joules per kilogram kelvin, \units{J/(kg K)}.

The specific heat capacity defines the amount of heat energy, \Delta Q, required to change a material’s temperature, T, by a certain amount, \Delta T, per unit mass, m, of the material: c(T) = m^{-1}\Delta Q / \Delta T.

A constant specific heat can be defined by assigning a scalar:

Material {
  # defines a constant specific heat
  SpecificHeat = ...

For more general cases, the specific heat may be given as a section in order to deal with space, time, and parameter dependent definitions:

# define the specific heat as a section
SpecificHeat {
  Python {...}

Field definitions within the section SpecificHeat are summed up. Consult the subsequent sections to see which types of field definitions are allowed.