List of Physical Quantities

Within JCMsuite physical quantities have SI units (International System of Units). The following units are used:

Name Unit Symbol
metre \runits{m}
kilogram \runits{kg}
second \runits{s}
ampere \runits{A}
kelvin \runits{K}
coulomb \runits{C=A\cdot s}
newton \runits{N=kg\cdot m
joule \runits{J=N\cdot m}
watt \runits{W=J/s}
volt \runits{V=W/A}
ohm \runits{\Omega=V/A}
siemens \runits{S=1/\Omega}
tesla \runits{T=V\cdot s/
pascal \runits{Pa=N/m^2}

The following table lists all physical quantities defined in JCMsuite:

Quantity Symbol Units JCM Tag
mass density \rho \runits{kg/m^3} Density
displacement \VField{u} \runits{m} Displacement
electric charge density \rho \runits{C/m^3} ElectricChargeDensity
electric conductivity \TField{\sigma} \runits{S/m} ElectricConductivity
electric current density \VField{J} \runits{A/m^2} ElectricCurrentDensity
electric field energy density w_e \runits{J}/m^3 ElectricFieldEnergyDensity
electric field strength \VField{E} \runits{V/m} ElectricFieldStrength
electric flux density \VField{D} \runits{C/m^2} ElectricFluxDensity
electric potential \SField{
\varphi} \runits{V} ElectricPotential
Poynting vector \VField{S} \runits{W/m^2} ElectromagneticFieldEnergyFluxDensity
emissivity \SField{
\varepsilon} dimensionless Emissivity
force density \VField{F}_{V} \runits{N/m^3} ForceDensity
force surface density \VField{F}_{S} \runits{N/m^2} ForceSurfaceDensity
initial strain \TField{
\varepsilon^{(\init)}} dimensionless InitialStrain
linear thermal expansibility \TField{\alpha}^
{(\mathrm{L})} \runits{1/K} LinearThermalExpansibility
magnetic field energy density w_m \runits{J}/m^3 MagneticFieldEnergyDensity
magnetic field strength \VField{H} \runits{A/m} MagneticFieldStrength
magnetic flux density \VField{B} \runits{T} MagneticFluxDensity
Poisson ratio \TField{\nu} dimensionless PoissonRatio
relative permeability \TField{
{(\mathrm{rel})} dimensionless RelPermeability
relative permittivity \TField{
{(\mathrm{rel})} dimensionless RelPermittivity
specific heat capacity \TField{c} \runits{J/kg/K} SpecificHeat
stiffness \TField{C} \runits{Pa} Stiffness
strain \TField{
\varepsilon} dimensionless Strain
stress \TField{
\sigma} \runits{Pa} Stress
temperature \SField{T} \runits{K} Temperature
thermal conductivity \TField{k} \runits{W/m/K} ThermalConductivity
thermal flux density \VField{k} \runits{W/m^2} ThermalFluxDensity
thermal source density \SField{q} \runits{W/m^3} ThermalSourceDensity
Young’s modulus E \runits{Pa} YoungModulus

The last column “JCM Tag” gives the tag names of the physical quantities as used in JCMsuite’s input and output files. The symbols in the second column are used in the documentation. Note that different quantities may have the same symbol.

Some physical quantities may be used as input data for JCMsuite. In this case a detailed description is given in the documentation of the input structure (follow the links behind the tag names).

Other physical quantities are implicitly defined by the simulation project. E.g., an electromagnetic field simulation gives rise to an electromagnetic field energy flux density (Poynting vector). Consult the documentation to the simulation project for a list of the implicitly defined quantities.