Computational CostsΒΆ

JCMsuite stores statistics about the solution project in a JCM table named computational_costs.jcm which is stored in the results folder project_results. It contains statistical information about used computational resources such as memory requirements and time executing program instructions. Statistics are categorized by Level which corresponds to the iterative refinement steps of the solution.

The time spent is reported as TotalTime - the elapsed real time in seconds - and CpuTime - the amount of time the computers cpu was executing instructions on the computers processors. Both times are reported for the Assembling, Solve and InnerNodeUpdate phases of the solution. The values reported as just CpuTime and TotalTime combine all times spent in and between all the different phases. In addition, the table header includes the Accumulated values for both time measures accumulated over all Levels and post processing steps. Values for TotalTime are reported in full seconds whereas CpuTimes has additional digits.

Memory usage of JCMsuite is reported in gigabytes. The TotalMemory_GB corresponds the the peak memory usage of JCMsuite. The SystemMemory_GB corresponds the the peak memory usage of linear solver during the Solve phase.

In addition, the JCM table computational_costs.jcm contains on each Level:
  • Unknowns - the total number of the degrees of freedom in the FEM solution
  • FEDegree$p_Percentage - the percentage of elements employing polynomial degree p in the FEM solution
  • CpuPerUnknown - the quotient of CpuTime and Unknowns