A LayeredMedia definition allows to define a layered distribution of the permittivity and permeability tensor within an exterior domain of the geometry or for an intermediate region of the geometry.

Layer thicknesses are defined using the vector LayerThickness. Permittivities and permeabilities in the layers are defined using the vectors RelPermittivityInLayers and RelPermeabilityInLayers.

For an layered media stack in an exterior domain, it is required that the used exterior domain shares a plane interface with the computational domain. The layers are arranged perpendicular to the normal of the plane interior-exterior domain interface. The first layer is adjacent to the interior domain followed by the other layers in normal direction and a final infinite domain. Thus for a definition in the lower exterior domain the thickness and material definitions appear from top to bottom. Permittivity and permeability of the final, infinite domain are defined using the parameters RelPermittivityInfiniteDomain and RelPermeabilityInfiniteDomain.