Excludes:Python, RoughSurface

Defines the texture as a triangulated surface. A triangulation consists of a list of np points in 3D together with a list of triangles:

Triangulation {
   Points = [x_1 y_1 z_1
             x_2 y_2 z_2
             x_np y_np z_np]

   Triangles = [iP_1,1 iP_1,2 iP_1,3
                iP_2,1 iP_2,2 iP_2,3
                iP_nt,1 iP_nt,2 iP_nt,3]

Here, each row in the triangle list defines one triangle by the point indices of its three vertices. The point indices iP_i,1, iP_i,2, iP_i,3 correspond to the row indices in the Points list.