Usage: jcmwave_geo(project_dir, [keys], [options])

  Starts JCMgeo for mesh generation.

  project_dir: path name of a JCMwave project directory. A layout.jcm file
    must be present in the project directory.

  keys: parameter structure for embedded script input file (optional).
    When keys is present, the template file layout.jcmt is processed to generate
    the actual .jcm input file. (call of jcmwave_jcmt2jcm('layout.jcmt', keys).)

  options: key-value list (or matlab) structure to configure behavior
     options.show (shutdown time in seconds) -> shows the created mesh in JCMview.
       Automatically closes graphic window after given shutdown time (set value
       to 'inf' to keep window alive).
     options.workingdir -> copies .jcm into working directory, runs solver
     options.jcmt_pattern -> pattern for selection of .jcmt files.
       For example, layout.<pattern>.jcmt is used instead of sources.jcmt
       when present.

  Remark: The input format is equivalent to the command line tool JCMgeo.