Usage: [results, logs] = jcmwave_daemon_wait([job_ids], [resultbag], [options])

Purpose: waits until all jobs from a list of jobs (given by job_ids)
         have finished. The jobs are then released from the daemon,
         so that their job ids become invalid.

  job_ids -> integer vector of job identifier as returned by jcmwave_solve
             If missing or empty all job ids available on the daemon are used.
             A zero job id is treated as a dummy.

  resultbag -> An instance of the class jcmwave_resultbag. The result is added
       to the result bag. If the corresponding jcmwave_solve() command was not
       called with the resultbag parameter an error will be thrown.

  options -> key value list (or structure) with the following optional arguments:
    options.verbose -> integer to set level of progress reporting. [default=1]
    options.timeout ->  Time out in seconds (optional)
                        This script returns with empty output values, when the
                        time out is reached.

      results -> Cell array containing the computed results for each job
                 as referenced by the job_ids vector.
      logs -> Cell array containing the corresponding log messages of the jobs.

      In case of a timeout empty cell arrays are returned. No job is released
      from the daemon.

      If a resultbag is passed the output is stored in the resultbag and
      not returned.