Usage: jcmwave_set_core_size(ooc_dir, max_core_size)

  Sets swapping directory for out-of-core computation.

  ooc_dir: base swap directory. Data are swapped into a sub-directory
           of this path. Ideally, this base directory should be located
           on a fast SSD drive.

  max_core_size (optional): Maximum core RAM size (in MB). As default, 90% of the
                            free RAM are used.

 This command sets the environment variable JCM_MAX_CORE_SIZE and JCM_OOC_DIR.
 Only some parts of the runtime data are suitable for swapping to a fast SSD disk.
 Therefore, the actual RAM usage may exceed the value given in max_core_size.

 Use jcmwave_set_memory_limit to define a hard memory restriction.