Usage: jcmwave_daemon_install_remote_environment(options)

Purpose: install minimal software environment on a remote workstation

  options: key-value list (or matlab) structure to configure the output
    options.Hostname -> host name of the remote computer
             To form a login chain concatenate the hostnames with
             ';' separators, i.e 'gateway.com;maxwell'
    options.JCMROOT -> JCMsuite installation path on remote computer
             default: same directory as local installation
    options.Login -> Login name to the remote computer
             For a login chain concatenate the user names with
             ';' separators, i.e 'user1;user2'
    options.PEMFile -> File with private ssh-key for establishing a ssh
             connection, e.g. '~/.ssh/id_rsa' (optional).
    options.LicenseServerPort -> The remote installation looks for a license
             server at 'localhost:XXXX', where XXX is the LicenseServerPort.
             Call jcmwave_daemon_add_workstation` with the same value to forward the
             local license server to this port on the remote machine. default: 8992
    options.IncludePython -> Set to 'Yes' to include Python in the installation.
             In many cases the remote environment does not require a Python
             installation (size about 1GB). Only if, e.g., user-defined field sources,
             material tensors or integration densities are provided as Python expressions,
             Python has to be included in the installation. The use of embedded scripting
             does not require Python on the remote host.