The FacePreview contains general information about faces of the grid and their two adjacent cell neighbours, which share the face. In 3D, the faces are Triangles and Quadrilateral, in 2D faces are Edges, in 1D Points.

Struct members

struct FacePreview
  int idNeighbours[2];
  int infinityType;
  int interiorTypeNeighbours[2];
  int boundaryType;
  int id;
  int isoparametrics[3];
Parameter Description
idNeighbours domain id of face neighbours
infinityType infinity type of face. 0 => interior domain, 1 => exterior domain, 2 => interior/exterior interface
interiorTypeNeighbours infinity type of face neighbours: 0 => interior patch, 1 => exterior PML patch
boundaryType boundary type of face: -1 => identified, 0 => default, 1 => domain boundary
id domain id of patch
isoparametrics isoparametric degree of patch