evaluates a number of fields in a fieldbag on a Cartesian mesh

Function signature

int JCMFieldBagEvaluateOnCartesianGrid(doublecomplex*** values, int handle, int lengthGridVectorX, const double* gridVectorX, int lengthGridVectorY, const double* gridVectorY, int lengthGridVectorZ, const double* gridVectorZ, int addSingularFields, int nFields, const int* fieldIndices)
Parameter in/output Description
values output field values
handle input pinboard handle of fieldbag
lengthGridVectorX input size of gridVectorX
gridVectorX input x positions of evaluation points
lengthGridVectorY input size of gridVectorY
gridVectorY input y positions of evaluation points
lengthGridVectorZ input size of gridVectorZ
gridVectorZ input z positions of evaluation points
addSingularFields input specifies, if singular fields are added in case of a singular source. If false, only correction field values are returned
nFields input size of fieldIndices
fieldIndices input indices of fields which are evaluated