Important RemarksΒΆ

Pinboard objects

Following type of objects are available on the pinboard:

Data type Description
Table JCM table format. Output of many post processes, e.g. Fourier Transform
Grid Finite Element mesh created by JCMgeo
FieldBag Finite Element solution. Usually describes a tensor field on a Grid
DataTree Input files of JCMgeo and JCMsolve. Syntax follows input schema described in the parameter reference
BlobFile Internal file format

JCM input and DataTree objects

A JCM simulation setup is described by a number of input files for geometry, material properties, source terms, boundary conditions, and numerical settings. These files follow a given syntax specification, described in the Parameter Reference. Internally these files represented as DataTree objects, having data primitives and sub branches. Hence, DataTree objects on the pinboard correspond to JCM input files on the hard drive, and are needed for simulation setup within the C-API.


All input and output parameters of the interface start with 0 by convention